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Misrepresenting a pet as a service animal may become a crime in Wyoming under a bill being considered in the State Legislature. The issue stems from people claiming their pet is a service animal in order to bring it into a place like a restaurant, store or rental property that doesn’t allow pets. Also, many of us are allergic to pet’s dander, but did you know that your dog’s scratching and itching could be their allergies. Whatever the source, food or environmental, there are great new medicines with little or no side-effects. Animal Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Marty Becker explores these alternative allergy treatments. Also, only in Texas would you walk into someone’s home and be greeted by a 2,500 pound family pet buffalo named Wild Thing. He’s been living in his human parents house since he was a three-month-old calf and is treated just like he’s a member of the family. Ronnie and Sherron Bridges even gave Wild Thing his own bedroom, where they say he likes to watch cartoons. They also let him eat at their dining room table and are OK with him wandering in and out of the house whenever he pleases. The Bridges say “It’s like having a small car in the house.” Also, a man who claims his girlfriend was shot while she was sleeping is blaming the dog! Brian Murphy says his partner was shot in the leg after their dog Diesel leaped on the nightstand where he keeps his gun and accidentally set it off. Also, Sanjay Gupta is our guest this week. He says he learned more from his dog than he did during 25 years of Philosophy education. His dog’s insights clarify what really is important in life. Sanjay will share the most poignant message his Basset Hound taught him.

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