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Bitcoins & Gravy

Bitcoins & Gravy

A weekly podcast about anything and everything having to do with Bitcoin! For access to all of my past episodes via the Let's Talk Bitcoin Podcast Netword, Go here: Thanks y'all! John Barrett

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I wrote this song back in 2000 when I first moved to Nashville. I was living in a tiny basement on 17th Avenue South - or Music Row Junior as I call it. The woman who lived upstairs had a little white dog that did nothing but bark. It nearly drove me crazy. But instead of losing my mind, I wrote Thinkin' About Home, my very first Nashville composition. I have an old studio recording of it with some great pickers including Dave Pomroy on upright bass. We recorded at Jay's Place studio just a few blocks away - also on 17th. But about a year ago I realized the song needed an important lyric change plus a short bridge and so, nearly 20 years later I re-release this song with just me and my old 1976 Gibson MK-35 guitar. One day when I have some money, I'll get back into the studio to re-record it but for now this simple version will have to do. That's my dog Maxwell in the photo. He's over 13 years old and still going strong despite his limitations. Man I know the feeling. : ) I hope you enjoy this song which is also known as The Doggie Song. John Barrett July 8, 2020 Nashville, Tennessee

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