Deadline: White House

Deadline: White House

Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC

Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

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Chris Jansing, in for Nicolle Wallace, discusses fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being arrested on charges of murder and manslaughter over the death of George Floyd. Plus, protests spread across the country, the contrast between Joe Biden and President Trump’s response in a time of crisis, and the impact recent events could have on Biden's choice for a running mate. Joined by: MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, attorney for George Floyd’s family Benjamin Crump, president of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton, NYU law professor Melissa Murray, director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance Marq Claxton, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill

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