I am a bit of an Expert: A Peppa Pig Podcast

I am a bit of an Expert: A Peppa Pig Podcast

Josh & Matt

Josh and Matt are a couple of Dads who have decided to do the deep dive on the phenomenon that is Peppa Pig, one episode at a time. We’ve seen enough to be a bit of an expert, go deep and most of all have fun.

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We are barely in season 2 as we jump forward in time to season three to drop in at Hospital. It’s a very personal episode for one of the hosts we compare break stories and marvel at some amazing Miss Rabbit sleight of hand.     **This show is made for Mummy and Daddy piggies, not little piggies!*   Follow us on twitter: @peppapigpod Follow us on instagram: @peppapigpod Drop us a nice email: peppapigpod@gmail.com Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/peppapigpod   Intro and Outro music by Matt Frost Cover photo by Kiara Murphy   Follow Josh Chapman: @chapmanjosh Follow Matt Frost: @phroosh77

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