Tango Club

Tango Club

Sergio Mastro

Tango is our passion. We dance it, we sing it, we feel it and we podcast about it. It is inside; you feel your heart beating harder. We found Tango.

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In today’s episode we talked about women. Women as a genre and as source of inspiration of so many beautiful pieces of art made with music. Tango, as we know, is music created a hundred + years ago, when the societies were different. The role of women was different too and there are also common places which defined women in the poetry of tango from 1880s until these days. There were, at all times, women who have occupied the place of an inspiration muse. At the same time, art succeeds in creating a kind of woman that sometimes becomes the paradigm of her time, like Grisel, who we dedicated an episode, Maria, Griseta, Solede, Malena, Ivonne and so many others. Songs: Mariposita – Roberto Goyeneche with Pontier A la gran muñeca – Carlos Di Sarli Muneca Brava – Adriana Varela Grisel – Mariano Mores Mano a Mano – Carlos Gardel El Motivo – Astor Piazzolla Margot – Julio Sosa Malena – Osvaldo Pugliese Duelo Criollo – Nelly Omar

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