The Caleb Wojcik Show: Interviews with Creative Entrepreneurs (Filmmakers, Photographers, YouTubers, & More)

The Caleb Wojcik Show: Interviews with Creative Entrepreneurs (Filmmakers, Photographers, YouTubers, & More)

Caleb Wojcik — Film Maker & Web Video Creator

If you’ve ever thought to yourself how you can start making videos, what camera you should buy, how you can make your videos look better, where you should host your videos, or how you can shoot and edit videos faster, this is the podcast for you. I'll share everything I've learned about making videos for the web the past few years and help you determine whether video can actually help you grow your business and how it would do so. You’ll also hear from many web video personalities that are successfully earning a living from the videos they make. Whether you already have a successful YouTube channel, are just now dabbling with Vines, or are making a full-on video based training course, you’ll learn how to make your videos better, faster, and more profitable. Hosted by Caleb Wojcik.

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#100 - Have you ever reached big milestone that shifts you to be more introspective? I'm talking something big like turning an age that ends in zero, getting out of debt, or having a child. This is what happened to me when it came to planning and recording episode 100 of my podcast. Not only did I start to question what episode 100 should be, but also what content I even want to be making. I've stopped and started my podcast up again multiple times since recording episode 1 back in 2014. I've done plenty of interviews with video creators and taught a bunch of what I've learned running my video business the last 6 years. I tend to focus most of my YouTube videos on specific pieces of video or photo gear because that is what I think will get me more views, which leads to audience growth, more affiliate income, and more course sales. And for the podcast I feature other creators to share what is possible to accomplish with online video, but also to potentially reach some of their audience as well. I already run two profitable businesses, the first making videos for clients and the second being SwitchPod, and each equate to a full-time job themselves a lot of the time. This means the hopes, dreams, and plans for my free content and paid courses business always ends up being a third wheel. And what I earn from it is also the least of my 3 income streams, so it gets the least amount of attention. So why do I putting so much pressure on myself to make it "the thing" or compare myself to other creators online? In this podcast episode I discuss this and more with my wife Jen. We talk about what's next for me online, what kind of videos, podcasts, etc. I should be making, discuss my website redesign, and share an open and honest look at what it is like to be a creator online balancing multiple businesses, passions, and goals.

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