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The Rush Limbaugh Show, the most-listened-to national talk show in America, features the “Doctor of Democracy’s” unprecedented combination of serious discussion of political, cultural and social issues, along with satirical and biting humor, which parodies previously “untouchable” personalities and topics. Limbaugh’s passion inspires millions of Americans to be the best they can be and keeps the country on course to a bright future.

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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: What a great debate: Trump looked calm, collected, tan and rested at debate. Biden looked old, frail and sickly. It's television and that’s what people saw. Drive-By Media calls it a tie, so you know Trump won. Trump's great lines: Who built the cages, Joe? You're why I ran, Joe. Why didn't you do it in 47 years, Joe? You're all talk, no action, Joe. Trump pounded Biden on corrupt money from foreign countries. Trump set up for killer ads. Trey Gowdy pours cold water on Bobulinski news. Killer moments in debate. Trump said we have to learn to live with the virus, Biden said we're learning to die with it. Rush explains how Biden will destroy the oil industry by implementing the Green New Deal. Rush explains how Biden will destroy private health insurance by implementing Medicare for All, which he calls "the public option". Biden will end fracking as he promised to do during the primaries. Polls continue to close, dramatic shift to Trump. Rasmussen has Trump approval at 52%, shows huge spike in Trump job approval with black voters -- from 25%-46%. Eight-point swing to Trump in Ohio Fox poll ignored by media. Bottom line on COVID: Trump banned travel from China, Biden was against it. Finger-pointing on COVID doesn't help Biden. Lie of the year: Biden said nobody lost their insurance because of Obamacare. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Obamacare threw millions off their insurance plans and Biden lied about it. Rush doesn't buy the CW that debates don't matter, that it's too late to matter. Go out and vote any way you can. Trump brokers another peace deal: Israel and Sudan. Trump on his change in debate style. Rasmussen Florida poll has Trump ahead. NPR says it won't waste listeners’ time with Hunter Biden story. Biden used his family to shelter his income so he could pretend to be middle-class Joe. 15-year-old Rush Revere and Hillsdale scholar. Why don't parents bear responsibility for abandoning their kids at border. Win or lose, GOP is Trump's party. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Victor Davis Hanson on the debate. Biden's corruption is commonplace in Washington. Trump's America First is what we thought we always had in our leaders, but we've found out we don't. Biden derisively says we're learning to die with COVID. A real man would realize we have to learn to live with it, we can't shut down and hide from it. Think of all the dangers we live with. Is Kamala on the ticket to take over because she couldn't be elected on her own? Putin says he's open to working with Biden. UPENN paid Biden close to $1 million since 2017. UPENN got more than $200 million in Joe Biden-related foreign money. Parents and kids at border. Study of Democrat-dominated Twitter. Caller thanks Rush for honesty, optimism. Biden's promise to ban fracking. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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