Troll Foods

Troll Foods

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A fictional radio program that tells the story of two young employees of a fantasy supermarket called Troll Foods. The story follows the two girls, Milly and Florence, on their adventures together in store – whether it's dealing with spells going wrong, difficult customers or the ever elusive but very alarming store ‘management’. The focus is on the two girls’ friendship and the way they overcome problems (both physical and emotional) together, usually joined by some wacky side characters along the way. Troll Foods is a Radio Drama (Comedy), airing on SYN 90.7FM @ 4PM on Sundays. Catch up with podcasted episodes on iTunes or Omny! Show Creators: Gill Langford, Merryn McDonnell and Evrim Sen.

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A fictional radio program that tells the story of two young employees of a fantasy supermarket called Troll Foods - Where The Prices Are Magic!

In the fourth episode and summer season finale, Milly is asked to a secretive meeting with the shadowy management (so naturally Florence goes as well). Milly must ensure the Troll Foods resident farmers, the Artifolk, stay committed to their existing contract. If she fails management will fire her, Florence and other staff. Florence has empathy for the Artifolk and sparks a rebellion against Trolls Foods management. Their disagreement leads to an epic battle that will decide the fate of Troll Foods for once and for all.

"Stop thinking about the inevitable and start thinking about the edible!"

Produced at SYN Media and recorded in Studio Three, SYN Nation, aired on SYN 90.7FM on the 29th of January, 2017. Sound Effects used under Creative Commons Licensing, music created by Ayda Akbal. Tune in to Troll Foods on SYN 90.7 every Sunday at 4pm or by streaming online. Like us on Facebook! Subscribe through Omny or iTunes to stay up to date! #TrollFoodsSYN on Twitter.

Credits: Story by Gill Langford, Evrim Şen and Merryn McDonnell. Script written by Merryn McDonnell, episode directed, and edited by Evrim Şen. Characters portrayed by in order of appearance -

  • Advertisement Announcer 1, Beatrice, Dying Employee, French Artifolk - Paul Waxman (QLSD)
  • Milly - Gill Langford
  • Confused Customer(s), Gary - Carlin Plumb
  • Florence - Merryn McDonnel
  • Miranda, Vincent the Sinister Gnome – Tom Backhaus
  • Arthur The Off White (Artifolk), Advertisement Announcer 2, Dream Captain - Matthew Con’el
  • Lotte The Troll - Evrim Şen

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    Sun, 29 Jan 2017
  • 3 - The Lost Aisle 
    Sun, 22 Jan 2017
  • 2 - Dream Team 
    Sun, 15 Jan 2017
  • 1 - The Curse Of The Mum Friend 
    Sun, 08 Jan 2017
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