Suspense and Horror – Retro Radio Podcast

Suspense and Horror – Retro Radio Podcast

Keith Heltsley

Sharing family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.

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A secretary at a financial investment firm isn’t content with earning money the honest way. With the help of a shady friend, they plan on making their own enhancements to the tune of a $45k profit for themselves. They’ve cooked up the books, and stashed away a pile of bonds, but a discrepancy of a penny is all it takes for her boss to want to go over the figures again.
When she tries to get the bonds back from Yancey to cover her tracks, he suddenly thinks that she’s trying to cut him out of the deal. Millie has also managed to get on the wrong side of her boss, and bad luck begins to plague her every step. Will she be able to beat the clock and have the missing bonds back in time?
Is Yancey leaving town on her, and taking the bonds with him? He promises to give them back, but only after she has been audited. In the heat of an argument Millie kills Yancey, but now she has to figure out where he hid the bonds, before someone rushes in to see what the shots were about and get caught with the smoking gun.
A twist ending waits when detective Kelley listens to her tell the whole story. If you pay attention to the air date of this episode, you’ll guess what it is that could have bought Millie some time. All she had to do was wait for the bonds, and all would have been well.

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