Vic and Sade – Retro Radio Podcast

Vic and Sade – Retro Radio Podcast

Keith Heltsley

Sharing family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.

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Vic is wakened from his nap when Russel comes in, but rather than leaving him to his slumbers, uncle Fletcher joins the group. Fletcher is surprised that Sade is out, and visiting friends on East Monroe. Why is that? O, don’t worry, Fletcher will tell you. Besides just missing where people just came from, or went to, Fletcher shares some secrets about Hyena Grease. That wonderful all purpose substance with amazing properties that it may be too much for young ears to hear. If you’re like Russel though, you’ll refuse to go stand in the clothes closet while the adults talk about it.

* Russell says Oyster Cracker and Blue Tooth Johnson almost got into a fight earlier.
* Heinie Call takes violin lessons.
* Roy Dejectedly is from Cordova but Uncle Fletcher says the Hyena Grease formula was sent in the mail from Dixon.
* The hidden formula for Hyena Grease: turpentine, creosote, lamp black and tractor oil mixed with Hyena Grease.

–Trivia provided by Jimbo, as found at the Crazy World of Vic and Sade.

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