Relax with Meditation

Relax with Meditation (Relax with Meditation by Rudi Zimmerer)

This Podcast will help us to see the world from a different perspective so that we gain more clarity, understanding, health, happiness, spirituality and success in our life. Many people think success, money, and sex are contradicting spirituality and religion. It is even so that Religion became a business to extract money from the faithful people. Money and sex became evil so that Religion could exploit the people.

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  Many people have asked me about the old Tantra Groups from Bhagwan.  I like to describe my first Tantra group with Rajen Lowen.  It will be shocking or will be a revaluation…  This group was hell and heaven and sometimes so awful challenging …  Still, I am  thankful my whole life that I could participate…  Before you could do the Tantra I group, you had to make a 14 days Primal intense group to release your traumas from your childhood. The Tantra I intense group is mostly done nude and 16 hours a day… and that for 14 days. Rajen Lowen, the world leading Encounter expert, confronted us with so much hate and anger inside of us, so we could release our negative emotions to experience true love. We can read in the old Sufi and Hindu, Buddhists scripture, similarities with the encounter. Before we experience the divine, we have to face our anger, hate... those who are covering our true self… And for that we need a strict Master who is mercilessly beating our ego.  But there was also fun…  The first 2 hours started with self-love… We had to undress ourselves, we got condoms, paper tissues, and rubber gloves… We had to masturbate together with girls and men…    Afterward, a group talk, and we should tell our experience.  Somehow negative feelings happened, like crying, jealousy and anger…I don’t know why…  From our self-love it went straight to encounter…  We had to express our anger, hate on the opposite sex …. One side nude girls, on the opposite site nude men and each person tried their best to hurt the opposite sex…  A normal person will never experience so strong hate and anger in his entire life as we in this encounter.  After expressing our negativity, we experienced love and harmony… The next exercise,...  The men made a circle holding their hands and the girls could do with the men what they wanted… After an 1 hour it changed. The girls made the circle…  When the men were in the circle, some girls had intercourse with the guys, but when the girls were in the circle, the men hold back… And so the girls complained; the girls had less sham than the males.  Next exercise: encounter to express the negative feelings… In between there were quite a lot of meditations. We had to choose a partner for the night… In the next days, we had a one day encounter, the next day love, and it changed so every day… Rajen forced us to have as much sex as possible, to change the partner, to watch your darling, to have sex with another partner, to go beyond of sex…  There was a big issue with jealousy.   We could live our sexual fantasies and desires…  We could later connect with the divine…  For me, it was the bridge to God… My Video: Episode 12 Tantra group with Rajen My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.    My Audio:  

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