The Marco D'Elia Podcast

The Marco D'Elia Podcast

The Marco D'Elia Podcast

I'm Marco D'Elia and this is my personal Blog. I'm an Italian model and I studied Communication Sciences at University while learning foreign languages in High School. I decided to change my life at 18 years old, after quitting my professional swimming career of 12 years, committing to become the best version of myself to become successful. I started learning through books, podcasts, videos, courses, etc. about whatever could help me get in a better position. Now, after having a little bit of success in modeling, representing Italy in the Mister World competition, I'm documenting everything that I know and that I'm still learning to become successful, which for means: being financially free; having a global impact; being able to help as many people as possible; being happy and fulfilled. So here's my journey towards success.

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In this podcast, I want to talk about the importance of having in your daily routine some positive affirmations that you can read out loud to help you remember and manifest success in your life.

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