The Marco D'Elia Podcast

The Marco D'Elia Podcast

The Marco D'Elia Podcast

I'm Marco D'Elia and this is my personal Blog. I'm an Italian model and I studied Communication Sciences at University while learning foreign languages in High School. I decided to change my life at 18 years old, after quitting my professional swimming career of 12 years, committing to become the best version of myself to become successful. I started learning through books, podcasts, videos, courses, etc. about whatever could help me get in a better position. Now, after having a little bit of success in modeling, representing Italy in the Mister World competition, I'm documenting everything that I know and that I'm still learning to become successful, which for means: being financially free; having a global impact; being able to help as many people as possible; being happy and fulfilled. So here's my journey towards success.

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In this episode, I'm going to talk about the 7 daily habits that will improve you so much that people will have a hard time recognizing you after implementing them.

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