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Agriculture+Technology+Employment = ‘Win, Win, Win’ By Richard Hunt Students at a number of high schools in Appalachia are getting a leg-up on technology and a possible future career through the generosity of AppHarvest, providing “container farms” free-of-charge to help students understand hydroponics, literally farming without dirt. The refurbished shipping containers are controlled by an app, and maintain perfect growing weather inside 24/47, with no concerns about frost, hail, drought, or pests. Beyond the school support, AppHarvest has some huge facilities in place doing the same thing. Their first facility near Morehead, Kentucky is “60 acres under glass, 2.8-million square feet, and about 50 football fields inside.” CEO Jonathan Webb says to picture “tomatoes growing vertically, we’re using AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics…and ultimately we’re able to use 90% less water than open-field agriculture.

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