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Space Business Podcast


Space is rapidly growing into an exciting ecosystem for business. In this podcast we hear from entrepreneurs, executives, investors and others about the many opportunities that exist. This podcast is produced in partnership with the International Space University.

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This week we are talking about space debris. My guest is Luc Piguet, co-founder and CEO of Swiss space company ClearSpace. They are building a spacecraft that can remove debris – it looks really cool, sort of like a giant spider, check it out. They already have a big ESA contract for the first mission. Space debris is a problem to take seriously and Luc is one of the best people in the World to explain it. Episode Notes:

0:00 Intro

1:40 Elevator pitch

2:57 Space debris scale and the Kessler syndrome

7:52 Legislation and non-tech challenges

18:23 Space's prisoners dilemma/tragedy of the commons

22:44 Clearspace origins

29:42 Mission and Hardware

42:55 Multiple deorbiting and the steady state operation of the company

50:07 Revenue model

55:48 Vision for Clearspace

58:25 Sci-Fi

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