Clinical neurology with KD

Clinical neurology with KD

Krishnadas N C

Clinical neurology with KD is a podcast hosted by Dr Krishnadas N C, Consultant neurologist at Meitra Hospital, Kerala, India, a National Board Neurology teaching Institute. It is one of the top 10 International neurology podcasts, according to Feedspot. Dr Krishnadas has over 15 years of experience in teaching medical students. In this podcast, he will discuss over 12 episodes about localising a lesion in neurology based on history taking and physical examination. The podcast is meant for medical students and makes them enjoy learning neurology. Medicine, paediatrics, critical care, psychiatry, neurology residents, general practitioners and nurse practitioners will also benefit. Notes, images and other resources for the podcast are available at the website

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In this episode, we will discuss the clinical approach to a comatose patient. We will discuss how to take history and do a focus clinical examination on an unconscious patient and use that knowledge for localisation.

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Clinical neurology with KD is now one of the Top 10 International neurology podcasts, according to Feedspot. Thank you all for your considerable support. 

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